Beringer X32

*The Edison has a Mac Book Pro equipped with QLab 4


Left and Right are each a single EAW KF300 hung approximately 23′ off the deck. A Crest CA-6 powers the highs, a Crest CA-9 the lows.
Center is 2 EAW KF300’s hung approximately 23′ off the deck. A Crest CA-6 powers the highs, a Crest CA-9 the lows.
Subs: One EAW SB330 on each side of the apron. Powered by a QSC PLD 4.5 amplifier with two bridged channels.Monitors4 EAW SM 122h passive wedges. Powered by Crest CC 2800.

  • 2 Yamaha S12ME cabinets. (Tripod stands available)
  • 2 EAW LA325 trapezoidal cabinets. (amplifier rental required.)

Equalization“House” EQ is set by a Biamp systems Audiaflex unit. No adjustments will be made; however, graphic EQ’s are available on digital console for adjustment.Microphones

9 – Shure SM 583 – Shure Beta 98S6 – Shure EZO/G (choir)
4 – Shure Beta 581 – Shure Beta 98 H/C1 – SM 102 (choir)
4 – Shure SM 572 – AKG C460B1 – ATW 8531 (choir)
4 – Shure Beta 572 – SM 944 – Crown PCC 160 (boundary)
4 – Shure SM 812 – AKG D112 (kick/bass)3 – Crown PZM 30D
2 – AT 4040 (lrg. diaphragm)1 – Sennheiser MD 5042 – Crown PZM 6LP
1 – AKG C451 EB2 – AT 835 (shotguns)

Wireless Microphones12- Shure QLX-D wireless units with 12 Shure SM 58 handheld or 12 body pack transmitters.12- Countryman B3 lavalieres (black)3- Countryman E6 directional lavalieres (beige)3- Countryman E6 omni directional lavalieres (beige)

Other4 – Pro Co CB – Passive Direct Box
9 – Whirlwind – Active Direct Box1- Radial Stereo Passive Direct Box

Intercom System

The Edison Theatre is equipped with a ClearComm FreespeakII wireless intercom system. There are 8 wireless packs.
The wireless system is integrated with the following Clear Com wired stations:

FOH Lighting Console and Booth2 Follow Spot Positions
FOH Sound PositionFOH Tech Table
Stage Left and RightTrap Room
Fly Rail

Back Stage Audio/Video MonitorsAudio monitors are located in the Green Room, both large chorus dressing rooms, both small dressing rooms and in the backstage corridor to allow backstage personnel to hear the performance onstage. Volume control is available at each monitoring position. Additionally, a static video shot of the stage can be supplied to the Green Room.

Assisted Listening SystemEdison Theatre has a permanently installed Sennheiser Assisted Listening System for the benefit of our patrons who have hearing difficulties. Individual headsets are available at the Box Office.

*Edison Theatre reserves the following rights:

  • To set sound level limits within the venue to a maximum of 94db.
  • To act autonomously when necessary to adjust FOH input levels and other settings deemed in any way harmful to the house sound system or any of its components.
  • To withdraw house sound equipment from service if misuse is observed.