Located off the backstage corridor, there are two large dressing rooms (3 and 6), two medium-sized dressing rooms (2 and 5), two small dressing rooms (1 and 4), and the Green Room. Each large dressing room contains 18 makeup areas with chairs, mirrors and lights. The two small private dressing rooms are each equipped with a lighted mirror, shower and a sink. All rooms have immediate access to showers, sinks and toilets in adjoining rooms. All dressing rooms may be locked but all bathroom facilities must remain open to performers, staff and technical crews alike. The Green Room contains a conference table, a production desk, credenza, sofa and chairs. There is one phone/fax line in the Green Room. These areas are closed to the public.

NOTE: The backstage corridor and restrooms will be shared when there are simultaneous productions in the university’s black box theater or dance studios upstairs. Edison Theatre requests that all company managers make every effort to keep their company’s noise level low in the shared backstage hallway. Excessive sound/noise will be heard in the Edison and in the other performance spaces upstairs and can be distracting.

Special Note: The Green Room is completely off limits to make-up, props/crafts and scenic activities; this is without exception and damage charges can apply.

Wardrobe Facilities

The women’s shower area contains one large capacity washer and one large capacity dryer. Edison Theater also owns an iron and a steamer. This equipment can be made available to all visiting staff, but please note that the Edison does not provide costume services. While we can provide crew to do laundry and act as dressers, we have neither the facilities nor the abilities to provide any skilled sewing or other wardrobe services.