Lighting Control and Dimming System

Edison Theatre is equipped with a Strand CD 80 / 8 dimming system, updated with the Strand retrofit kit allowing DMX control. Four dimmer racks contain 282 2.4k dimmers. Control is provided by an ETC Ion 2000. The light board is operated from house right of the sound board or from the light booth, which is located in the front of house balcony position; Edison also owns a wireless remote focus unit which can be used onstage during focus calls. Upon request, a production tech table can be set up in the house with access to the light board and Clear-Com communication.
Please Note: All circuits are NEMA L5-20 (twist lock, 20A, keyed-in) connectors.

*The Edison has a Mac Book Pro equipped with QLab 4


Christie D12WU-H, 11,500 lumen, 2-bulb, 110v projector, managed by a video switcher equipped with 2 VGA and 4 HDMI inputs. The projector is mounted below center balcony rail for front projection.

Connections are provided both FOH and back stage right.
TV tuner also available in FOH rack position.

The Edison is equipped with three screen options (Front projection only):
– A motorized screen, permanently affixed to the back of the proscenium –  10’H x 16’W
– A flown screen, (Flexible lineset positioning) 10.5′ X 14′
– A full stage RP Screen located upstage.

Edison Lighting Inventory

27:    ETC S4 10° (Used on Third Catwalk)
40:   ETC S4 15°-30° Zooms (Used primarily on Second Catwalk and Box Booms)
4:      ETC S4 25°-50° zooms (used on Apron side ladders as curtain warmers)
126:  ETC S4 bodies
20:   ETC S4 LED Lustr2 color engines

• 138 total S4 profile fixtures, 137 lenses
– 8 50° lenses
– 62 36° lenses
– 40 26° lenses
– 27 19° lenses
– 5 14° lenses

36:  ETC ParNels
24:  S4 Par (all lens sets)
2:    75w 3” birdies

4: VL2500 Profiles **Please confirm availability**

4: VL VRX Wash Lights **Please confirm availability**

8: Robe Spiider Wash Lights

4: Chauvet COLORado Batten 72 Strip Lights **Please confirm availability**

16: Chauvet Ovation 640-FC (RGBWA) Cyc Lights

15: COLORado 2 Quad Zoom Tour Wash Lights

2: Altman Voyager follow spots permanently installed on 3rd Catwalk

** Light Plots
 must be received no later than three weeks in advance of performance. If light plot is received less than three weeks prior to the event, the technical director reserves the right to modify the light plot to accommodate. Please understand that we prefer to work within our stated equipment inventory.* Subject to availability Edison Theatre has eight 10′-0″ boom pipes and bases plus six additional shorter (~6′) boom pipes with bases. The theater also has a limited number of side arms.Edison Theatre carries a large stock of ROSCO color. ROSCO is well-stocked in St. Louis. GAM and LEE are subject to availability. Call two weeks prior for availability.


83 A-size gobo frames7 B-size gobo frames
2 Apollo gobo rotators2 I-Cue intelligent mirrors
8 Drop-In Iris (round top – S4 style)8 Drop-In Iris (square top – for Altman KL – will fit S4)
20 6 1/4″ Top hats25 (approx.) Y’s/Two-fers
6 6 1/4″ Half-hats2 City Theatrical Image Multiplexer (fits 6 1/4″ gel slot)
12 7 1/2″ barndoors~25 sidearms