The fly system is a double purchase counterweight system. The fly rail is 23′-6″ from the deck. The weight gallery is 43′-0″ from the deck. The grid is split between lineset 19 & 20 with the lower grid being 52′-1″ and upper grid being 60′-1″ from the deck. The system contains 27 counterweight linesets and 3 motorized linesets equipped with circuits. Batten capacity is 645 pounds, with arbor capacity of 1,290 pounds.

Lineset Schedule

Any deviation from fly schedule or movement of masking requires advanced arrangement with technical staff of Edison Theatre (314) 935-4720 or (314) 935-7188.

  • All house electrics are circuited and motorized. See circuit layout for details.
  • Designates an installation that is not moveable. No exceptions to this will be permitted.
  • The first house electric is equipped with a walkable bridge and a 12′ high fixed border which hangs approx. 3′-8″ below, and 2′-1″ downstage of, the lighting pipe.