Washington University Organization- No Admission

Base Rental Fee (expenses billed through university FIS system):
Subsidized Rental Fee $350/day
The base rental fee includes: The theater, lobby areas, facility manager, dressing rooms, green room, Marley dance floor, hazer, available sound and projections equipment, and general stage wash lighting (up to 30 lamps, no changes). Facility rental is up to a 10-hour day. Hourly rates apply after 10-hours and are charged at $100.00/hour.
Required Staff & Fees:
Renter Technical Representative Provided by Renter
Edison Facility Manager Provided by Edison
House Manager* $15/hour
Ushers* Provided by Renter
* Front-of-house crew sizes and call times are determined by the Edison Theatre Operations Manager.
Edison Technical Crew** $15/person/hour
Edison Technical Crew (during winter, spring and summer breaks)** $18/person/hour
** Technical crew sizes and call times shall be determined by the Edison Theatre Technical Director.
** Crew calls exceeding 40 hours/week shall be paid overtime at time and a half.
Outside Contract Labor*** $30/hour
*** Outside Contract Labor shall be utilized when Edison Technical Crew is not available.
Sound Engineer (if required) $30/hour
Stage Manager (if required and not provided by renter) $20/hour
Lighting Design (if required and not provided by renter) $250 flat fee
Equipment Fees:
Lighting Package (30 or more lamps)
Includes tech and dress rehearsals and performances
Steinway 9′ Grand Piano (includes single tuning prior to first day of use) $180.00 for first day
$60.00 for each additional day
Additional Fees:
Cleaning Fee $50.00
Additional charges may apply based on the condition of the theatre, dressing rooms, Green Room, and backstage area.
  • An estimate of expenses prepared by the Edison Theatre staff shall be signed by the lessee as part of the rental contract.
  • Annually, Edison reserves the right to change charges as it deems appropriate.
  • Backstage areas are shared when there is a simultaneous production in the PAD dance and drama studios..
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden in the Mallinckrodt Center and Edison Theatre.
  • Edison Theatre has the sole right to determine who shall/shall not use the Theatre.