Rental and Specs

Rental Information

Edison Theatre is available for rent to Washington University in St. Louis organizations and student groups as well as non-Washington University organizations. Events at Edison Theatre are often booked 12 months prior to the performances. Availability for the current season is extremely limited. Contact Bess Moynihan, Production Coordinator, at (314) 935-2926 for additional information.

For rental information for other Washington University venues:

A. E. Hotchner Studio Theatre, contact Cindy Kahn at (314) 935-4795
560 Music Center, contact Bess Moynihan at (314) 935-2926

Rental Procedure

  1. Please review the Technical Specifications and Schedule of Rental Fees of the theater to make sure the facility meets the needs of your production. If you are making a rental request for the current season, please check the Edison Calendar of Events for availability.
  2. Complete the  Rental Request Form
  3. Requests will be reviewed by the Edison Theatre Committee. You will be contacted with seven working days regarding the status of your request.
  4. Once a request has been approved, a confirmation letter will be sent to schedule a meeting to discuss the specifics of the event.
  5. At the initial meeting we will discuss the contractual, technical and ticketing needs as well as review the contract terms and conditions, policies and procedures, and rental fees.
  6. A contract and cost estimate will be drafted. A signed copy will be returned to the operations manager along with the deposit and proof of liability insurance

Rental Request Form

Get started by completing the online rental request form:
Rent the Edison